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Insula-Dome Skylights

A wide variety of models
Insula-Dome skylights are available fixed or vented, pitched or flat roof, in insulated safety glass or acrylic.

Pitched Roof
Features include:

  • 3" curb height (minimum 3/12 pitch)
  • Copper Self Flashing, Copper Step Flashing, Lead-Coated Copper Step Flashing (for cedar or slate shingled roofs)
    or Aluminum Step Flashing
  • Hand soldered copper joints

    Flat and Low Pitched Roofs
    Features include:

  • Standard 6" curb height (Special 3" curb height available for certain rolled roofing applications.)
  • Custom curb heights
  • Curbs with built-in pitches available


Insulated Safety Glass

insula-dome westchester county

Double Dome Acrylic

Roof Hatches & Roof Access Skylights
Roof hatches are designed to allow full access to a flat or pitched roof. A specialized latch and gas shocks allow for easy operation. Roof access skylights, in addition to allowing full roof access, also serve as traditional venting skylights
Custom Skylights
Diamonds, Triangles, Trapezoids & More
Looking for that special look? Insula-Dome can match the shape of your doors and windows with our own custom designs and custom sizes -- Diamonds, Triangles, Trapezoids, Octagons, Parallelograms and more. Call us with your questions and requirements.

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