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Most people think of a new roof as just banging up some shingles. But savvy homeowners know better! Today, effective roofing relies on advanced material technology and an integrated systems approach to protect your biggest asset—your home.



"The Ultimate Leak Barrier"

Granular surface Leak Barrier for residential use

Professional’s Best Choice
  • Helps Eliminate Waste... Special adhesive allows for one-time repositioning, but aggressively adheres over time
  • Safer Installation... SlipGuard™ granular surface improves footing
  • Dependable... Self-seals around nails
  • Saves Labor... Split-back release film peels off in layers for faster installation—allowing you to offer greater homeowner value
  • Looks Better... Fiberglass reinforcement helps resist wrinkling and buckling–lays flatter under shingles
  • Convenient... 1.5 and 2.0 square roll sizes—your choice
  • Peace Of Mind... Benefits from the same warranty term as the asphalt shingle it is applied under, up to a maximum of 30 yrs.*
  • Recognized Quality...
    — UL Listed Accessory
    — ICBO ES Listed (See ICBO ES ER-5433)
    — SBCCI PST & ESI Listed (Report No.2104)

*See ltd. warranty (available from your distributor)
for complete coverage and restrictions


Application example for GAF Weather Watch:



Product Speifications (Nom)

1.5 Square Roll   2.0 Square Roll  
Roll Length
Roll Width
Approx. roll weight
Square feet per roll
50 ft
36 in
65 lbs
150 sq ft
Roll Length
Roll Width
Approx. roll weight
Square feet per roll
66.7 ft
36 in
85 lbs
200 sq ft

Typical Value
Test Method
Approx Thickness 58 mils. D751
Max. Load(tensile strength) MD 33lbf/in
CD 32lbf/in
Elongation At Break MD 37%
CD 25%
Adhesion to Plywood Min@40°F 18.6 lbf/ft width
Min@75°F 36.6 lbf/ft width
Thermal Stability Pass D1204
Temperature Flexibility Pass D1970
Tear Resitance MD 71 lbf
CD 66 lbf
Moisture vapor permeability Pass


Sealability around nail Pass D1970
Waterproof integrity after low temp. flex Pass D1970
Waterproof integrity of lap seam Pass D1970
Slip resistance Pass D1970
Fire Rating Calss A (when used under GAF shingles) UL

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